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The meaning of the term “evacuation or evacuation” project is a land area whose residents have been decided to demolish their homes and replace them with new residential buildings.
The Ministry of Construction has the authority to declare an area as a clearing and construction area, and the legal framework for this is Section 33A of the 1965 Planning and Building Law, which was enacted in 2006 with the aim of dealing with the refusal of certain tenants to vacate construction agreements, The evacuees agree to the evacuation.
According to this law, a tenant who unreasonably refuses an eviction deal or gives his consent to the evacuation under unreasonable conditions, while a special majority of tenants who agree to the transaction will bear responsibility for the damage caused to the other tenants as a result of the delay in the transaction.
The law also specifies when a tenant’s refusal will not be considered unreasonable, such as when the proposed construction evacuation deal is not economically feasible or when no alternative housing has been offered to the new building.

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