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Shoham Hithadshut Ironit Ltd Is a private-owned enterprise that operates since 2011. The company specializes in locating and improving properties, initiating, planning, developing and marketing. Shoham Hithadshut Ironit Ltd. has strived to adhere to the basic principles of loyalty, professionalism and full responsibility in all areas of municipal renewal in the TAMA 38 type (National Outline Plan No. 38), evacuation of construction / evacuation construction.

“I wanted it to be as beautiful as possible even if it was inside the box In a bad tree to the back of the closet, although no one sees it … when you’re a carpenter Who makes a beautiful chest with drawers, will not be used in a piece of plywood to the back, even though the dresser stands Against the wall and no one ever sees the back. You’ll know it’s there, so you’ll use a piece of wood A beauty to the back. In order to sleep well at night, aesthetics and quality should be in every part. “

(Steve Jobs)

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