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The company Shoham socio Urban Renewal Ltd is an enterprise project delivery company and private which exists since 2011.
The company, operates and specializes in locating and improving properties, also in planning, developing and marketing real estate projects.
Shoham socio Urban Renewal Ltd.
declared her membership principles which are, loyalty, professionalism and taking full responsibility for the general plan of urban renewal type TAMA 38 (Master National Plan No. 38 ), dealing with the evacuation \ Construction.
The program aims to provide a rapid solution to the need to strengthen buildings against earthquakes and to the expansion and extension of sunny terrace with the construction of floor protected space or room protected space within the apartment. All this in addition to the renewal of the building as a whole: a building that will receive an elevator, the renovation of cladding and building systems including sewage and electricity, renovation of staircases, renovation and modernizing the lobby, mailboxes, including landscaping around the building.
As part of the National Master Plan TAMA 38, the co-owners have many advantages, this significant contribution to the improvement of their property leads directly to increase the value of their apartments and,of course, all of those improvements.
will increase the residents’ quality of life without any expense from their side.
In return, the developer will get additional building rights according to the plans submitted to the municipality and in accordance with the decision of the City Engineer. Shoham socio Urban Renewal Ltd shall obtain all necessary authorizations for the building rights according to the plans submitted to the municipality and in accordance with the decision of the City Engineer.
Shoham socio Urban Renewal Ltd.
will be responsible for obtaining all permits required by the law for the execution of the project with comprehensive insurance policy and technical supervision. All of this will be accompanied by a bank guarantee related to the project and that will complies with to the strict quality standards required in this matter. Important to note that the company Shoham socio Urban Renewal Ltd. focuses on construction that are taking into consideration the needs of the residents while protecting the professional side of the project.
Maintaining and favoring a construction without nuisance to owners (depending on field conditions), keeping meticulous planning, rich specification and high quality construction.
The company, in its operations, and over the years has earned its reputation as a stable and innovative company that maintains a professional conduct a straight and personalized service to its customers.

Kobi Shimshon
Owner and Joint CEO

“Kobi is married + 4 and has been a businessman and entrepreneur in real estate in Israel and abroad for 30 years. His main occupation is as an initiator in revenue-producing real estate, among the leading projects: mall 7 in Be’er Sheva and Sderot And the Presidents’ House in Be’er Sheva

Guy Kedar Owner
and Joint CEO

Guy is married and 3 years old. He is a businessman and has spent most of his 20 years working in real estate in Israel and abroad.
He came to the field of business after 10 years in MDA service.
He began as a volunteer from his teens and earlier over the years.

Tatyana Mansharov
Director of Finance

Ilana Eliav
VP Marketing and Sales

Koren Hershkowitz
Practical engineer and vice president of projects

Our Advisers

Ronit Hamou Architect Architect

The architectural firm led by Ronit Chamou was established in 1998. The company is involved in several areas: residential design – homes, mainly private cottage in the Denia neighborhood, and residential area of Haifa – planning housing in Tama 38. Netanya mainly in the Tama 38, interior design activities in apartments, offices, restaurants and other variable planning for industrial installations.

Engineer Rafi Ahvan Consultant in construction

Graduate of the Technion in 1981, specializing in works of civil engineering and planning construction of private office. Since 1986 the company handles private and commercial buildings and also specialized in Tama 38 projects. Rafi Ahvan is associated with private entrepreneurs and municipal institutions, during the last 30 years with dedication and success.

Rappaport Electric engineer Ltd. Consultant in electricity

The company operates in all the country for a wide range of customers, in the field of the electric installations, of the infrastructure of low voltage and communications under our control our strict control. The company collaborates approximately 25 years with the city of Rehovot and employs 10 engineers and technicians.

Kedai Betichout Ltd.electric engineering

Kedai Betichout Ltd is consultant in security engineering, electric engineering, the files of ground and the prevention of the fires.
The Kedai Betichout Ltd Company is specializes in the supply of consultation regarding safety, security, fire safety and access of handicap in buildings as well as electric engineering for institutions and municipalities.
Owners of the company: Avi Cohen retired from Reshef and previously for 34 years of good and faithful service as commander of the fire station of Ashkelon and of the region.
Alex Dondish, Engineer in electricity and safety and security with an experience of 13 years as manager of department in the municipality of Ashdod.

Afriat Architects Architects

Eran Afriat architect, registered architect, who studied architecture at Tel Aviv University and has a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, Hungary.
Architect Afriat Osnat has a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary.
The company is responsible for planning, licensing and project management. Including urban renewal projects and TAMA 38 plan, saturated construction, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, public buildings and also project in private area.

Rina Gutman Board proximity

Since25 years, Rina is consulting as a construction engineer (civil engineering). Granting permission to access to buildings, infrastructure and environment in order to obtain a building permit. Got experience in all procedures of licensing for construction projects in general, large project in particular. Unique experience in all projects to strengthen the structures of the licensing process based on the TAMA 38 (including demolition and reconstruction). Support and advice continuously to the project architect and permanent consultation on licensing procedures for construction permits. Promotions for building permit applications in front of local communities.

Shemesh Moshe, special Ltd projects. Consultant in safety, security and fire safety

The company was created in 1987 by the colonel in reserve Moshe Shemesh.
The services offered by the Company include general advice (councils) on fire extinguishers and fire safety.
Moshe is an expert in project management in the domains of safety, security and fire safety; he is an officer of Israel Defense Forces in command of civil front and fireman volunteer in the brigades of fire.

Eleonora M.M Consulting Engineers and planners

The company profession: Engineers and planners of aqueduct and sewer systems, hydrology, and urban drainage.
The company was established in 2006 by Eleonora Fiskon – engineer and planner of systems of water, waste water and drainage.
The company employs 7 civil engineers, as well as foreign consultants in disciplines of engineering relative to their.
The company collaborates with the city of Ashdod and other public works, factories, also developers and installers of systems of purification in hotels abroad

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